Steps in Precious Metal Recycling: The Journey of Iridium Oxide Recovery

The story of iridium oxide recovery begins with the selection of iridium chloride waste. As a by-product in industry, iridium oxide inevitably contains impurities after use, which must be screened out.

Platinum group metal
After the impurities are removed, we move on to the separation and refinement phase. Using strong reducing agents, iridium oxide is reduced to iridium metal, while other impurities do not react with these reducing agents. This effectively separates the iridium oxide.

However, the process is not that simple. Even as iridium metal, it can form alloys or other compounds with different substances. Therefore, the next step is to continue purifying the iridium metal using chemical or physical methods. After performing these steps, we can obtain relatively pure iridium metal.

As our discussion on the recycling process of iridium oxide draws to a close, we should recognize that there is still room for improvement in current technology. If there are new advancements, I will share them with you immediately.